The ABC’s of Pruning guides the user through the process of plant and tree pruning. The potential customer base for this DVD is huge, including homeowners and professionals alike. The theme is “do it yourself and protect your landscape investment”. We have incorporated the option of customizing this production to provide free advertising for your stores and we are pursuing the inclusion of coupons for other gardening products offered in your garden center. Please take a moment to consider this product. We are confident you will be ordering this profitable item for your stores.

WHY WILL IT SELL? Throughout my twenty-eight year career in horticulture the universal question is “How do I care for this plant?” It can take considerable time to explain pruning to a customer. People will not read a book to learn this skill. They want to watch someone do it. If you have any doubt in your mind, just ask ten people who have landscapes if they would buy a pruning video. I think you will be amazed at the response. We certainly were. The well known mega-nursery, Meadows Farms Nurseries Inc., without hesitation, ordered this product for all of its twenty-one retail outlets immediately after the first viewing. We have priced this video to sell well.

WHO IS HUGH PERRY? Hugh is the feature Horticulturist in this production. As a veteran residential Landscape designer in the Washington D.C. area, Hugh has landscaped thousands of homes since 1980. His customers include many celebrities. He is nationally recognized for his success in the Landscape industry and has appeared on HGTV. His success, and the appeal of this DVD, can be attributed to his experience, love of the plant world, and easy-going style of communicating.

YOUR NEXT STEP: The video speaks for itself. May I suggest you view The ABCs of Pruning with anyone who enjoys gardening or the outdoors. Observe how intensely they absorb the information. You will agree this is something that every homeowner will want. It will sell and is selling! I look forward to hearing from you!