The ABCs of Pruning

ABCs of Pruning Video by Hugh PerryThe ABC’s of Pruning is a must for every homeowner with a lawn, garden or other landscaping. With simple time-saving techniques, Landscape Designer Hugh Perry takes the mystique out of pruning. Here is all the information you need to preserve and protect your landscape investment. Hugh demonstrates how to trim trees, thin shrubs, salvage overgrown landscapes and more.

The ABC’s of Pruning is just 30 minutes long but it was produced over a timespan of 3 years and shows how plants respond to pruning over time. Plants are pruned and then the same plants are filmed again, after their foliage has grown back and more pruning is required.

Hugh Perry is a nationally-recognized Landscape Designer with over 28 years of experience. He has landscaped thousands of homes and has appeared on HGTV. In The ABC’s of Pruning, Hugh’s tips and thorough knowledge of plants will become an essential part of your home and gardening life.

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